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Effortless Swimming in the Pool and in the Open Water

The ideal wide base recovery triangle
The ideal wide base recovery triangle


Here is a helpful video, showing Celeste demonstrate her relaxed and effortless Total Immersion freestyle technique for open water and in the pool.


Open water swimming with wide tracks on the recovery arms. Head position stays low for the breath and the sighting forward.


Total Immersion owner, Terry Laughlin, talks about the Total Immersion Open Water camp in Kailua-Kona, March 2013.


Maximize your triathlon training

With focused training and the right skills, you will improve your triathlon times and feel better doing it. Let Celeste St. Pierre, owner of help you get in sync with your natural abilities in swimming, biking and running. She offers three ways to help athletes: on-line virtual coaching, clinics and workshops. Or send in a video clip of your swimming and Celeste can ad audio comments and return to you. Learn more under Virtual Coaching.