Working with Your Female Physiology

I recently read Roar: How to match your food and fitness to your female physiology for optimal performance, great health, and a strong lean body for life by Dr. Stacy T. Sims. The title is a mouthful but it does deliver. I was particularly interested in the bits about menopause for myseslf and the women I work with.

It was great to read that post menopause there are things we can do to stay strong, lean and healthy-just as stated in the title. I am only sharing my clif note version of what I took away from this chapter. Women who are post menopause need to: lift heavy sh*t-to prevent muslce loss, get the majority of carbohydrates from fruits and vegetables-the body is more sensitive to carbohydrates, increase protein-especially after a hard training session, utilize cold baths-the body has a harder time managing the heat, drink tart cherry juice to help with sleep.

Roar is great information if you are an athlete or if you don’t see yourself as an athlete but more into fitness, this is for you. This book is also great for coaches that work with female athletes. I would say more, but I encourage you to buy the book as it is full of great information of how women can work with their physiology to continue along the path of a healthy fit life. This is what we all want.

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