Triathlon: Travel Tips for Competing Internationally

Competing Internationally By Terri Bower

(Terri just competed in ITU Worlds in Demark representing the USA as a member of Team USA Triathlon. Here she shares some travel tips.)

The ITU Worlds in Denmark was my first international triathlon completion. And, while I’ve traveled many many times around the globe and feel I am a savvy traveler, I had a bit to learn about traveling to compete in a triathlon.


1.       If you get the chance to compete internationally do it! Its and experience you won’t forget. …And try to put your race numbers on right-side-up 😀

2.       What ever you think you need to budget for expenses double it if you can!

3.       If you have the option, use Tri Bike Transport or some such service. Too many athletes didn’t have their bikes because their airline ‘lost’ them for a time.

4.       Arrive early enough to adjust your internal clock… and to enjoy the surroundings, check out the course, and meet new people.

5.       Make it a point to meet new people… you know who’s doing the race, we are all conspicuous! That said, find your own quite calm space to prepare for the race.

6.       Remain calm and flexible… the travel, the hotel, the venue, the weather, etc. will surely not be as expected or an issue. Don’t waist energy on something you can’t affect. Smile and try to look for solutions.

7.       Try to lean about the course nutrition in advance and if necessary bring what you will need (I did). Don’t be afraid to try a new product but do so before the race 😊. I discovered a yummy Canadian goo-type product made from maple syrup…I loved it, no sugar spike, kept me going 😊

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