The Middle Way

Neither good nor bad, just is.

In my book The Truth Inside I write about not judging things, ourselves or others as good or bad. There is a middle way when we don’t judge, things “just are”.

Recently I was at the beach. While taking off my beach cover-up my shirt caught my earing thus pulled it off. My earing fell into the deep sand. Shoot! I was in a hurry, and it would take too much time. I figured I’d never find it so, I didn’t bother to look. I forgot about it until I was preparing for bed when I remembered the one was missing. Immediately I regretted the event and not taking the time to look for it. It bummed me out again. They were the only pair I wore. I stopped wearing earrings.

A few weeks later while in a mountain bike race I lost my balance for a moment and tipped sideways into a tree. Fortunately, I was able to stay on the bike because my shoulder hit the tree, but then so did the side of my head! The helmet protected my head but my lower ear hit it hard! I felt the sting and knew it was bleeding. Overall not bad, maybe the equivalent of skinning a knee. What crossed my mind as I pedaled on feeling the throbbing in my ear I was glad I lost that earing because I would have been wearing them.

Things that seem bad can turn out to be good and things that are good can turn out to be bad. Stay the middle way, neither good nor bad, just is.

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