The Messenger

What I have learned is the messenger is the message. That is live it, practice it, embody it, not a façade, but to be that. With integrity and compassion through awareness, practice. Everything, everyone is the opportunity to practice living the message.

Some days may seem better than others, but that too is the message. Life is not linear yet we can continue to be the same no matter what or who we are facing. We see the sameness within, we know and maintain our even keel. We don’t change in situations or with people. We are the same with the store clerk as we are with a friend-we may not tell them our personal stories, but we don’t change our perception of ourselves -customer- to meet our perception of them-store clerk. We interact human to human.

When I prescribe to a person I am coaching to stretch, and roll the muscles, then I too am stretching and rolling. The same is true for eating healthy foods, sitting in meditation, writing in the journal. I too follow my own suggestions. I too practice. I want to be sincere, I am sincere. But not just externally, internally as well.

What message are you delivering? I ask myself this often. Then listen and reflect on what was said, what I did, how I felt. A little self-study. What are the deeper thoughts, assumptions, and old tapes playing. Breathe deep. I ask if I am I living my truth? Is this it?

What message are you delivering? Listen, reflect. See what happens.

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