Tempo Trainer for speed

The last day I had a chance to swim I was pressed for time.  I pulled out my Finis Tempo Trainer (a waterproof metronome), set it to 1.15 (it would “beep” every 1.15 seconds).  I decided to swim 3×500 w the goal of holding my stroke count yet descend the TT each set.  I was going to see where my time fell given the previous parameters.  I have been using the TT for the summer and fall whether I was in the lake or in the pool.  Setting the TT at 1.15 was typical for me.  So, without a warm-up and my window of time ticking, I jumped in.  The water felt good, I felt great.   I held my spl for the entire set.  Once I touched the wall, I noted my time.  I rested 15 seconds and reset my TT to 1.10 before starting the next 500.  Again, a comfortable and relaxed tempo, still holding the same spl as the previous set.  When I touched the wall at the end of the second 500, I was pleasantly rewarded by swimming it 15 seconds faster than the first!  The best news is I reset the TT to 1.05 for the last 500 and knocked off another 15 seconds!  A total of 30 seconds faster from when I started.  I love it!  As long as I kept the same spl for the set, yet had a faster tempo, I was faster.  It’s was a controlled, consistent way to descend a set as I was building my endurance and sense of pace.

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