T1: Transition Out of the Wetsuit ASAP

Saturday, June 23, 2018 I was watching the half ironman at the White Mountain Triathlon as I waited the start of the olympic event I was doing.

What I saw was several athletes coming into transition with their wetsuit, cap and goggles still completely on! Guys, as soon as you leave the water, start to get that suit off so by the time you get to your stuff in transition you are half out of that thing! Save time! Get started as you run/fast walk from the water to your bike. The clock is ticking!

As soon as you leave the water, unzip the wetsuit and peel it down to the hips. Then as you are still running, take the cap and goggles off. When you get to your spot in transition drop the cap and goggles then get the suit the rest of the way off.

Now practice this before your next race!

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