Swimming With The Mind of Meditation Sample#6

Here is the sixth sample from my next swim book: “Swimming with the Mind of Meditation” I will be releasing one each week for the next few weeks for a total of 8 practices. Each week the practices will get a little longer.
This practice includes the use of mini pull buoys (half the size of standard pull buoys) and mini paddles (smaller than the size of your hand), check it out and give it a go!
This set is to practice swimming with the whole body, using the core and strong legs to stay in line with the spine. Don”t struggle or force your movements, but relax and move easy.

#137 Pull Buoys/Paddles 2100

1 x 300 swim easy to warm-up. No paddles, nor pull buoys.

1 x 300 with mini pull bouy (keep the legs still) and hands in FIST. Swim with the whole body, not just arms, feel the weight shift and stay strong through the body-aligned. Use the weight shifts to move you forward. Keep stroke rate in check.

1 x 300 swim easy and supple, enjoy the ease of open hands and legs helping to shift the hips. No pull bouy nor paddles. 

1 x 300 with mini pull bouy and hands in FISTs as above. Use the whole body weight shifts to move forward.  Stay strong through the body-aligned. 

1 x 300 swim easy, supple, steady, stay long and stretched soft pressure on the catch, but focus on length forward. No pull bouy nor paddles. 

1 x 300 swim easy with mini paddles, gentle pressure on the paddles to help lengthen the opposite side forward.

1 x 300 swim easy to wrap it up, no paddles or pull bouy.  

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