Swimming with the Mind of Meditation Sample Practice #2


Here is the second sample from my next swim book: “Swimming with the Mind of Meditation” I will be releasing one each week for the next 6 weeks for a total of 8 practices. Each week the practices will get a little longer.

8 x 25 start with a front float, getting in touch with a horizontal body line and letting the water support you-surrender your body weight to the water. Nose down, hips up and lunges gently press down. Begin to let go as you feel the water supporting you. Once you feel supported, you can start to let go and loosen. Then start to swim down the pool keeping posture and supple body especially during and after the breath. Rest with 5-10 belly breathes.

6 x 50 same as the above, but between 50’s stand in a tall posture to remind yourself of a good body line and supple muscles. Rest 5 belly breathes.
6 x 50 keep the body posture and feeling the support of the water.  allow yourself to settled into the water, feeling the support before adding in strokes. see if you can continue to feel the water holding you as you swim. rest is rehearsing a good posture either laying on the water or standing. Rest with 5 belly breathes.
2 x 100 your choice.
2 x 25 back strokes.

Give it a go and let me know what you discover!

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