Swimming with the Mind of Meditation Practice #7

From the high plank position, drop the left hip, lift the left leg. Switch, drop the right hip, lift the right leg.

Here is the seventh sample from my next swim book: “Swimming with the Mind of Meditation” I will be releasing one each week for the next few weeks for a total of 8 practices. Each week the practices will get a little longer.
This practice includes the use of mini pull buoys (half the size of standard pull buoys) and hands closed into fists, check it out and give it a go!
This set is to practice swimming with the whole body, by taking away the hands and the legs. Don”t struggle or force your movements, but relax and move easy.
Core work: from the high plank positon, drop the left hip, then lift the left leg. Switch to the right side by dropping the right hip then lifting the right leg. Switch back and forth for 10 repetitions. Keep the legs strong and straight.

Pull with Fist #144

4 x 100 swim easy bringing your attention to the feeling of your hands in the water. Rest as needed between. 

4 x 150 swim easy with the hands in fists for 50 then open the hands for 100.  When the hands are in a fist you are creating a smaller surface area, you may feel the need to really “pull”.  Your fist will likely “slip” fast through the water. Be sure to lift the elbow of the catch hand up, and slightly forward. Stay calm and relaxed, feel the fist/hand pressing backward on the water. Rest as needed between. 

4 x 250 swim easy with the hands in fists and pull buoys (don’t kick or move the legs!), for the first and third 250’s, then open hands and no pull buoy for the second and fourth 250’s. Feel the backward pressure on the hands. Feel how this backward pressure helps to extend the stroke forward. Rest as you need between.

8 x 25 using your fist and pull buoys, feel the length in the back of the neck, let the nose point down to help align the spine.  Allow the water to support you. Move slow and gentle. Again, you may notice the urge to “over pull”. Feel the backward pressure on the hand helps to drive the length of the stroke.  Rest for 10-20 seconds. This can be very, very challening so rest longer if you need/want. 

1 x 100 remove the buoy and open the hands. Swim easy with strong spine alignment, yet supple. Move the whole body together. 

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