Swimming Is Not Linear


“Learning Swimming is not linear”-said Beth this on the last day of the 6week adult swim program at Plymouth State University. This was her response when I had asked the group what they had learned during these last 6 weeks. Beth continued to say that last week felt like she had made progress, things felt like they were coming together, this week-not so much. This week she had trouble relaxing, finding her breath, finding her rhythm. On the other hand, Cindy agreeing with Beth, reported she felt funky and off last week, but more in the flow this week.
Yes, that’s how it happens. Take it as it comes-not be attached to the outcome. On the way to mastery, chop wood and carry water. Do the basics over and over and over with a clear intention to notice, to feel and be with what comes. It is all learning and it is all valuable, it all has purpose in the process. To be with it when it is funky and be with it when in the flow. Swimming is a metaphor for life-it is life. It is not a straight line of constant progress, but up and down. Recognize it when it is there and then let it be.

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