Stress Management-A Strong Immune System

A walk through the Flume

There are three kinds of stress and each day is a good time to modify how much we have in our lives. The three are chemical (ie food), mental/emotional, and physical (ie exercising). Given the current pandemic, it is even more important, I think, to keep them all in check.

My modifications have been to be more diligent with keeping my heart rate in check when exercising because a frequent high heart stresses the system and too much of it can compromise the immune system. So step one is to do more training in low heart rate range, keeping myself honest with watching it and heeding that range.

Second on my list is monitoring my sugar intake since sugar can also compromise my immune system. With more time on my hands and less fitness classes I am teaching it can be easy to let the nutrition slide a little, a nibble here and there can add up.

Third, the mental/emotional of much uncertainty can weigh on a person. A shift in finances, a drop in physical connection with friends, and the unknown of many factors adds up mentally. I am makiing it a point to talk with people each day whether in person, phone, or video chat, and have some quiet time for reflection-I have much to be grateful for.

So I will continue to manage my stress each day with a few simple steps. My main focus is to keep my strong immune system, so I don’t contribute to the current situation by making myself vulnerable. These are things I can control.

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