All Levels: Adult Swim Skills – Evergreen Sports Center

Learn to swim with ease!  Develop your fitness and enjoy the company of other swimmers.

Adult Swim:
Wednesday Nights: at Evergreen Sports Center.
Time: 5:30-6:30 pm


Learn to swim with ease this winter by starting with this introduction to Total Immersion class. We start by learning balance in the water by cooperating with gravity. Next learn how to maintain balance as you become more streamlined to slice effortlessly through the water. Once you have developed your balance and streamlined body position, I will show you how to propel through the water using weight shifts and whole body movements for an effortless stroke.

  • Stop fighting the water, cooperate with it.
  • Learn basic drills to build an effortless freestyle stroke.
  • Become more balanced and at ease in the water.
  • Build your confidence and competence over time.
  • Use the Kaizen approach that is continuous improvement.
  • Be more mindful of your whole body movements.

Where: Evergreen Sports Center, 2572 Route 302, Lisbon, NH 03585
When: Wednesdays
Questions: Contact Celeste St.Pierre, 603-616-7125 or use our Contact Us form.

Next Session Jan 8, 2014- March 5, 2014

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