Save the “Push,” Focus on the “Pull”

image                                                  Save the “Push”, Focus on the “Pull”

As an athlete and a Triathlon coach for more than 10 years, I believe there are only so many “pushes” in us. If you are an athlete wanting to be in the game for a lifetime, you may want to spread those “pushes” out. You may not to use to many of them up on a training day, or too many consecutive training days. It may be better for your long term goal of continuing to do your sport to dole them out at certain times, say race day. Otherwise use the pull” method in your training. 

“Pushing” is making yourself train when you don’t want to. What I mean is it’s Tuesday and you don’t want do run intervals scheduled for this day . It would require a lot of mental energy to get yourself out the door to get this workout in. The quality of the workout may not be so good either because your heart just isn’t in it. Plus, you may rush through it, skip parts of it or cut it short because you just are not up for a run. Once you finish this workout, you are relieved to have just gotten it over with instead of energized and satisfied.

However, on this day where the run intervals are scheduled you do notice a tug to go do the long bike ride which is scheduled for Thursday…you are being “pulled.” If you follow this “pull” and ride instead of run, the quality of the ride will likely be better. The training effect will more likely be achieved and most importantly you will feel happy, energized and satisfied by the end. You will have saved lots of mental energy. You will have saved your “push” energy for race day or another day where you plug in those intervals where you then feel the “pull” to run harder and faster.

Success. You have balance and are a happy athlete. You are more in tune with your mind and body senses, images, feeling and thoughts to lead you down your path to your high quality authentic self.

If you have a coach, talk with them on those days where you are feeling the “push” or “pull.” Notice where you would expend way to much energy “pushing” yourself to get out the door. This could be energy used in a better way. Even with elite athletes there is room for flexibility in their training. To many “push” days to get yourself to do a workout you don’t really want to do could leave your career as an age group athlete short and flat.
Thanks for tuning in and as always…Try it and see what happens!

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