Reverse Triangle: Your Swim Core-Length


I love Yoga and how well the poses relate to sports. Here I am sharing reverse triangle because I love how the pose is about lengthening the spine and rotating the upper body “into” the front leg. So there is length -in the spine- and turning -in the torso- as well as opposition between the hips and the front leg, just like in freestyle.

In doing this pose it can clue you in to the relationship of the core muscles with the legs to create that torque-again as in Freestyle- to drive the hip to rotate a little bit as well as stretch each vertebrae of the spine. Opening up the spine like a slinky, feel the sensation, it feels fantastic!

This pose also strengthens the spine, core muscles, and legs. Your balance is challenged in the split leg stance, it stretches your hamstrings and strengthens the quad muscles.

The best thing for you to do is go to a yoga class and learn more about this pose with a qualified instructor. Then apply the same sensation to your swim.

See what happens.

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