Total Immersion Level II Swim Workshop Lincoln, NH


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Where: The Mountain Club on Loon, 90 Loon Mtn Rd, Lincoln, NH 03251
When: December 2nd (Sunday), 2018
Tuition: $250 – Payment type: PayPal/credit card/check in US dollars
Contact: For more information please contact Total Immersion Master Coach Celeste

Note: registration closes November 27th, 2018- sign-up now!

Workshop Description and Requirements

Prerequisites for students– Swimmers who have attended Level 1 and are looking to continue education, improve flow, and break away from the improvement plateau. Must be already swimming/working within their Green zone. Download the Green Zone Chart for free from our web store by clicking here.

Coach-student ratio- Maximum of 8 swimmers.

Duration of course–  7 a.m. -3 p.m. (3 hours classroom, 4 hours pool time)

Equipment required- Tempo trainers

Session schedule

      • 7- 8:00  Classroom 1 hour
      • 8:15- 10:15 pool 2 hours- 2 lanes
      • 10:30-11:30  classroom 1 hour
      • 11:45-1:45 pool 2 hours- 2 lanes 
      • 2:00-3:00 classroom 1 hour

Drills and skills to be included– primarily uses full-stroke focal points, drills for 2bk, focal points on recovery, rhythm, and propulsion.

Content for the Day

      • Review of Level 1 Skills
      • Building on top of those Fundamentals – Alignment, Balance, Streamline minor things on Recovery and Breathing.
      • Timing – more in depth
      • Math of Speed – how it works
      • Counting Strokes
      • Tempo Trainer with Stroke Count
      • Pyramids 1.3, 1.26, 1.22, 1.18, 1.14, 1.10, then back up in 0.02
      • Video with TT on

Description for Swimmers

Transform your freestyle. Develop a stroke that is faster, easier, and more efficient for the long haul. Swim faster with smarter choices, instead of greater effort. Who should take this workshop?

      • You’ve learned TI techniques and feel ready for a refresher and a new Kaizen challenge;and feel fresh and strong on the ride and run.
      • You’d like to boost your progress and recharge your zest for swimming.

What will you learn?

      1. Swimming ‘Gears’, Learn your own best swimming gears . . . like those on a bicycle.  Change speeds simply by adding a stroke to your count. Discover your best range of 3 stroke counts for this skill, and practice using them with expert guidance.
      2. The Magic of TempoA Tempo Trainer is an improvement-minded swimmer’s best friend. Use it to make striking gains in efficiency–then convert that efficiency into more in 15 minutes or less and with an ease that will surprise you.
      3. The Math of  The equation Stroke Length x Stroke Rate (SL x SR) is the only exact and guaranteed predictor of how fast you’ll swim. Learn simple exercises and formulas for creating and solving speed problems. Also learn the combination of SPL+Tempo that precisely matches your present level of skill and fitness.