Olympic Swim Set A - 1,900 to 3,250 yds


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Swim Workouts

This is a group of 3 Total Immersion- inspired swim workouts for the triathlete training for an Olympic distance race. If you are already familiar with Total Immersion swim drills, these workouts will show you how to integrate them into a complete swim workout that will help improve your technique.

The workouts are delivered to you as a single Adobe PDF file. As soon as you buy it, you will be sent an email with a link for downloading the file. Print it out and you’re ready to take it to the pool!

Each workout contains a warm up, main set, and cool down section, as well as focus points for each set. Workout lengths are as follows:

  • Olympic Swim Workout # 1 = 3,250 yds
  • Olympic Swim Workout # 2 = 2,500 yds
  • Olympic Swim Workout # 3 = 1,900 yds