Organic Electrolyte Drink

Lemon, maple syrup, organic coconut water, sea salt

Organic Electrolyte Lemonade Drink

Looking for an alternative to all the sugary chemical drinks out there! This is my favorite and simple organic drink.

1 cup Organic Coconut Water

1 Tblsp Fresh Squeezed Organic Lemon- strain the pulp, or to taste

1-2 Tblsp Pure Maple Syrup, or to taste

1 cup Water

Pinch of Salt

Mix all the ingredients, then stir or shake to mix. Adjust the syrup, lemon, and salt as you like to taste. Also, adjust the coconut water depending on electrolyte needs. You can control the taste and the calories as needed.  On a longer more intense ride you can increase the maple syrup or coconut water. Salt can be adjusted depending on your sweat needs as well.

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