Mastery: 2 Beat Kick

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Mastery: The 2 beat kick

The most challenging thing about the 2 beat kick is it isn’t a kick like we think of kick. In swimming most of us think of the legs moving back and forth non-stop. But in soccer a kick is one time, the leg swings and kicks the ball, that’s it, one swing is a kick. In swimming we don’t think of one swing as a kick, yet this is what the 2 beat kick is. You need to shift your perception of ‘kick’ itself. A 2 beat kick is more like the soccer kick acting like a pendulum, one swing or one tick. Start there.

The legs are there to help the hips shift, the legs move once for each time the hips move. They are like a pendulum because it is not about moving the legs, it is about moving the hips. Since muscles can’t push, the legs are there to counter what the hips want to do. It is about timing.

Check out my video on you tube to learn more.

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