Listen to Your Gut

The holidays may not be relaxing and comfy for everyone. If this is you, here is something to try to help you relax and stay in your body. In times of stress it can be easy to bolt or hide. By this I mean hide thoughts and feelings behind food. Instead of burying and storing those feelings in the body, breathe through it.

How do you know if you are relaxed or how do you know if your body is relaxed? Breathe into your belly. Sit or stand in the most comfy position as possible, then count backward from 20, breathing in through your nose then out through your mouth. One breath in then out is one cycle.

If you were gripping in your belly, notice how the tension that was there softens with each exhale. Let it go. Feel the difference as you breathe, even if it last for a short moment, appreciate the difference in sensation. This puts you in your body to receive the feedback the body is giving.

Next, eat and drink only when in this aware, relaxed state. If you feel your body tensing again, go back to your breathing. Practice putting the fork down between bites to practice the breathing. Stay in your body even if things shift around you. Stay with those uncomfy feelings and thoughts that may come up by breathing through it, not eating, or drinking, to hide or push back on them.

Make this the Best holiday to date. Not the best ever, leave room to keep evolving by opening up a little more each day.

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