Health Coaching Quiz

I came across a similar quiz in my own life journey and found it very helpful. To be honest the second questions set me on a different path, a real life changer, when I realized I was deeply challenged in keeping my own word and promises to myself-for myself.

Grab paper and pen. Then find a quiet spot to sit. Place you feet flat on the floor and take a deep breathe and sit up tall. Answer the following questions with a Simple YES or NO:

  • I recognize that I have the time to invest in myself.
  • I keep my word and promise to myself and others without struggling.
  • There is a big gap between where I am at this time and where I want to be.
  • I am willing and able to do the necessary work to reach my goal(s).
  • I am willing to give up self-sabotaging behaviors that limit my success.
  • I am ready and willing to try new concepts even if I’m not sure they will work.
  • I have the support I need from family and friends to make big changes in my life.
  • Health Coaching is the appropriate discipline for the permanent health changes I want to make.
  • I recognize that I am fully responsible for my own life and the decisions I make.

If you answered yes to these questions then you are ready for me to be your Health and Fitness Coach! I am ready to get started! Contact me so we can set up a time to get you on your path to achieving your goals to living a simple yet full life.

If you answered “no” to 2 or more questions you may not be ready for Health Coaching in order for it to be beneficial to you. You may need to seek other support, from medical or a licensed therapist, for example. Another option is you may want to work with me as your Health Coach in conjunction with your other treatment.