I just read another story about failure. Story line: Fail leads to success- once you fail pick yourself up and the next thing you know you have made millions. Yes, agree, to a point.

But…first you have to recognize your resistance or relationship to failing. Most of us have been taught that failing is bad, avoid it, and failing is about you not the steps taken. Is this you? Once you understand your beliefs about failure you can move on.

After you recognize a failure you accept it. Note when what you have DONE failed and THEN you can pick yourself up and get back to it. BUT it is also not easy, nor is it comfortable. AND failing is part of success. AND we can never BE a failure BUT what we DO can lead to the failure of which is just information about HOW we DID what we did that doesn’t work. We learn from it when we don’t take it personally.

When we RECOGNIZE, we can ACCEPT, sit with discomfort, we can LEARN and then go back to DO again. That is success, growth, change, creativity.

Things are neither good nor bad, just is.

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