Hips Up: Spinal Extend Part 1

I know when I swim my hips would be a little low in the water. Though I didn’t know this, I thought I was in balance it wasn’t until I would see myself in a video that I would know this. When I did get my hips up I would move that much easier through the water as I would be more streamlined. I know how to press my lungs down to get my hips up, but I couldn’t tell someone else how to do it. Until now. I figured it out, what the action is, what I am doing to get the hips up. In order for the hips to go up something else has to go down. What goes down is the lungs, but to get the lungs down the hips have to go up-there is a relationship there.

To press the lungs down and the hips up I discovered it is the same action as cat and cow poses as in yoga. Cat is a spinal and plevic flex. Cow is a spinal and pelvic extention.

Phase one in getting the hips up is to practice this on the land, on a mat. This video takes you through this practice. Give it a go, create your own video of you doing it to learn from.

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